January 18, 2011

Entry-level attorney job in Grand Rapids, Michigan

As the reader who sent us this link below stated, "Wow."

Are you a newly minted attorney with little experience? If you've been admitted to practice and haven't found a job, we'd like to talk to you. We're a small law firm that is looking for some help with a document intensive case. Hours are 8AM to 8PM with 2 one hour breaks; first at noon and second at 4pm. You will be monitored by a senior attorney. You must be admitted to practice, bring a laptop and must work the whole day. We prefer that you worked in a legal capacity during law school, graduated in the top half of your class and have taken a bankruptcy and corporate law classes.

Job will begin January 31st with an unpaid 1-2 hour training/group interview session. We anticipate the job should last at least 4-6 weeks. We work Monday through Saturday. We ask you work at least 4 days a week for the entire period. We do not provide food, but there is a small kitchen with stove and running water. You will learn more on January 31st.

Compensation is $8/hr. We will not be interested in providing letters of reference or recommendation. You must send résumé, cover letter and transcript to be considered for interview.


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