December 6, 2010

Part-time attorney job near Denver

We are a fairly new company that is suffering from some growing pains. We have several non payments and some derogatory reviews that are unwarranted. Both are hurting our company, and we want to take all necessary steps to resolve these problems. This may include filing lawsuits. We want to work with someone that can grow with us. We also want to work with someone we can afford. We would like to agree to an hourly fee or a rate schedule, so there are no surprises. For example, $100 per letter. $500 per lawsuit. $25 per customer for all phone calls. Certified letters will make most of my problems go away. Filing a lawsuit will definitely make all other problems go away, there will be no need for trial. We are expanding outside the state, so we have a bright future. Please email your background, interest and willingness to work with us.

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