November 26, 2010

Entry level judge advocate in the Marine Corps Officer Program in Houston

This job was just submitted to us and sounds pretty good:

POSITION TITLE: Marine Corps Officer, Judge Advocate

After completing law school and Officer Candidates School, you will
have proven to the Marine Corps your ability to be a leader of
Marines. Although becoming a Marine Corps Officer Judge Advocate is
not for everyone, those who can build a career in law and succeed as a
Marine Officer will gain valuable experience while serving our nation.
The path to get there is not a shortcut, but it holds rewards that
will last a lifetime in the pursuit of law, honor and justice.

As a Judge Advocate, you will have opportunities to practice law in
areas as diverse as operational law, family law, environmental law,
international law and labor law. Marine Judge Advocates serve
worldwide in places such as southern California, Washington D.C.,
Hawaii, Japan, Spain, Italy and Germany. The Marine Corps grants 30
paid vacation days every year. You and your family will also enjoy
other benefits, like free medical coverage and discounts on food,
clothing and other items at commissaries and base exchanges.

Must be in senior year of undergraduate college with an acceptance
letter to a law school or in law school and have at least a 150 LSAT
score. Must be physically fit.

STARTING SALARY: $50,000 to $70,000 annually, plus excellent benefits

Contact: Captain Winston at

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