November 22, 2010

Entry-level attorney job near Philadelphia

We are a very legally active Real Estate Management Company, established in 1976, with an office on Swede Street Norristown, 3 1/2 blocks from the Montgomery County Court house.
Are you good at legal research & brief writing, seeking experience in varied areas of the law? Are you a soccer mom, with a law degree you would like to put back into use? Have you been denied the opportunity to practice the trade that you are still paying off student loans for because of the country’s economic downswing? Are you ready to start work immediately?
This is an entry level position for an attorney looking to hone their legal skills. We are seeking an honest, self motivated, quick learning individual to work full or part time with flexible hours, performing the following jobs:
1. Investigating, writing and filing legal documents for state & federal court.
2. Appearing in local, state & federal court for legal argument
3. Filing Landlord/Tenant complaints, and collecting the judgments.
4. Executing on existing judgments obtained over the last 30 years.
Some of the areas of work are as follows:
1. Landlord /Tenant
2. Contract litigation
3. Bankruptcy & tax law; state & federal
4. Municipal law
5. Civil rights claims
6. In-rem real estate claims
7. Building codes
8. Legal malpractice
9. Bond litigation
10. Collections
11. Workers comp
Being Spanish Bi-lingual is a plus, but not required.
You must be pet friendly. We have a very large, but friendly, white long haired male Samoyed dog and a black Scottish Fold cat that have free run of the office..
To receive a response to your e-mail, please send a resume listing education, year’s legal experience, residence, contact number, past income, family structure be an active member of the PA bar, in good standing, and live within a 45 minute drive of Norristown.
Please do not respond if you have a family and are the primary source of household income. We are primarily a pass through firm for lawyers looking to gain experience in one or more of the areas listed above.

Location: Norristown, Pa.
Compensation: $10 an hour, or percentage of collections

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