October 20, 2010

Seeking attorney to author book chapter on employment law

Seeking a licensed attorney, with at least one year of employment law experience, to write a chapter for an online book regarding employment laws for new business owners. The book will be for sale exclusively on the internet.

This is an easy-to-read book that will go to non-lawyers who are opening businesses across the country. The required writing will include 15-20 pages of content with graphs, charts, pictures. The charts and graphs should illustrate each point in the book to make for easy and understandable reading. This book will not read like a law book, it will read like an informative blog. Bullet-points and short, descriptive sentences are expected.

The content will not be state-specific, but rather general information that every new business owner should know. There are two goals with this book -- to inform the business owner about general principles of employment law and to let business owners know that there are some tasks they can do as a non-lawyer and there are some tasks that should be done ONLY by a lawyer. This chapter will give details about each of those types of tasks within the field of employment law.

In addition to content, there should be one or two generic forms that the business owners could use from time to time when dealing with employment issues.

This could be a wonderful opportunity for the right attorney who is just starting a career or launching a new law firm. Your name and contact information will be listed as a recommended attorney at the end of the chapter.

To apply for this position, please send your resume and a short, non-legal writing sample (two-page maximum).

Compensation: $100 plus credit in the book. Telecommuting is ok.


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