October 11, 2010

Legal journalism jobs

If you like writing and are unhappy with being an attorney, why not consider an alternative career such as legal journalism? The hours and pay can't be much worse than Shit Law. Plus, there can't be too many reporters with J.D.'s, so what you lack in journalism experience can be made up with knowledge of complex legal issues.

CubReporters.org has a variety of legal journalism job listings:

  • Courthouse News Service, a news service that covers courts and legal news, seeks a part-time reporter in Charleston, West Virginia.
  • The National Law Journal, a weekly newspaper covering the legal industry and courts, seeks a courts reporter to cover the federal and local courts in Washington, D.C. Recent graduates will be considered.
  • Tax Analysts, a nonprofit multimedia legal tax publisher based in the D.C. area, seeks a full-time reporter for its federal tax reporting team.

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