October 29, 2010

Immigration & employment lawyer job in San Antonio

Legal Firm looking for an Employment-Based Immigration Lawyer. This is a Full Time Permanent Position.

Experience with various employment-based catagories, like EB-2, EB-3, H-1B, H-2B, L1 Visas, E Visas and R-Visas. Experience in Permanent Labor Certification is also required. FAMILY & EMPLOYMENT BASED PETITIONS.

Starting compensation: $41,000 annual salry.
Benefits: Medical insurance, paid vacation



  1. Wow. It's an attorney job in San Antonio that pays north of $40,000 and offers health benefits and paid vacation. Believe it or not, you have just cut down one of the tiny handful of decent attorney jobs in the San Antonio region. Chew on that a little bit.

  2. LOL, these firms should be ashamed of themselves for offering these positions. People can make more with just a bachelor's degree or working as a paralegal. Meanwhile, law schools are jacking up tuition and these lawyers have huge law school debts they'll never be able to pay off. Disgraceful all around.