October 8, 2010

Entry-level trademark attorney job in D.C.

This great opportunity for the right candidates to learn trademark law, and to gain valuable experience that will be portable to larger firms and/or companies. It is a 3 month position in California, alternatively, you can work remotely from Washington DC or an other state.

We are a small law firm headquartered in Mountain View, CA practicing primarily federal trademark and patent law. We are looking for 2 or 3 entry level attorneys who are licensed in at least one state to work on federal trademark matters for 3 months. We prefer local SF bay area candidates, but will consider candidates wishing to work remotely from other states. We will fly you to California for training at our firm, at which time you can return and work remotely from Washington DC or work from our office in California.

We prefer:
* Recent law school graduates who have recently passed and been admitted to the bar in any state.
* Must be able to keep up with trademark filing volume.

Great opportunity for the right candidate to grow with our small firm and to learn the practice of federal trademark law. No prior legal working experience (other than in law school) necessary. We will train.

There will be a 3 month probation period, after which you will be eligible for an Associate Track position with a substantial salary increase.

* Location: Washington DC
* Compensation: $15 per billable hour to start. At least 160 billable hours per month, though can be more depending on interest level and motivation to join our Firm full time after the 3-month period.



  1. I have to be honest- this is not a shitlaw job. This is an excellent starting opportunity and exactly how I started my career (although I started at $35/ hour due to some prior experience, and I started while I was in law school part time). I highly, HIGHLY recommend this especially to someone with a science background to break into patent and trademark law.

  2. Oh, and one more thing- I emailed this post to the law career services at Santa Clara (my old LS). They tout their expertise in high tech, and pride themselves in being "silicon valley's law school" yet couldn't find the time to check craigslist to find a law firm looking for not one, not two, but THREE recent graduates to do HIGH TECH LAW. Yeah, the dean over there probably makes $300K/ year.

  3. this must be flame. secretaries make more than $15 per hour. your job paid more than 2x that amount, so it's hardly comparable.

  4. Anonymous, times have changed for the far worse. I took my job in 2006... you do what you can nowadays. You can put your loans in deferment and hopefully this will catapult into a full time gig with commensurate salary at this firm or elsewhere. Complaining that this is "a secretary's salary" does nothing to help anyone.