October 27, 2010

Attorney training fellowship @ Seattle law firm

Buck Law Group PLLC is accepting attorney applications for a Huntoon Fellowship for an expected duration of 9 months. There is flexibility in duration. Fellowships are modeled on the Scottish concept of a “traineeship” for recent law school graduates. Use your website navigation skills to find a description of a Huntoon Fellowship at www.bucklawgroup.com. Salary is $30/hour; guarantee of 100 hours per month. Somewhat flexible hours for someone that needs to supplement his or her income with a second job. Applicants should submit a resume and transcript of law school grades. (Grades are only one of a mix of factors to be considered.) In addition, applicants should submit a short letter explaining what personal goal they would set for a fellowship and setting forth what their greatest contributions would be to our small law firm. Background or ultimate interest in our areas of practice is not necessary; our program is to give training in the basics of lawyering. Everyone that is considered will be on a level playing field based on written submittals.


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