May 27, 2010

Entry-level legal advocate job in DC

We are a small law firm in the DC metro region (Metro accessible) seeking an enthusiastic, independent, and dedicated writer to advocate on behalf of disabled individuals. Although this position has been filled by attorneys in the past, we have found that candidates who have recently completed their undergraduate studies can do just as well, if not better. However, only top candidates need apply. Therefore, we ask that you include your GPA in your resume.

This job requires far more responsibility than a typical entry-level position, but our employees have found it to be worthwhile and meaningful. At times, this position may require long hours (50 hour weeks are not uncommon), although your time management skills may allow you to keep relatively low hours.

Candidates must have demonstrably excellent writing skills (top candidates will be asked to take a writing test). Additionally, we are seeking individuals who are capable of developing a strong rapport with our clients, are determined to help our clients--many of whom are in significant distress, and care about the quality of their work.

The starting salary is $35k, as the first year requires a significant amount of training, but we offer generous annual salary reviews and bonuses, and excellence is noticed and rewarded. Our firm is relatively small, and there is certainly room for advancement as we grow. We will also support employees who wish to go to law school in the future.

If interested, please send a resume and cover letter to the email included with this advertisement. We expect a fairly quick turnaround, and will contact you shortly if we would like to interview you.

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